Ways To Give

By Mail

Donations may be mailed to:

Tolt Congregational United Church of Christ
Attn:  Finance Secretary
PO Box 447
Carnation, WA  98014

Using Venmo

To get signed up on Venmo, go to https://venmo.com  and click to sign up with Facebook or with your email address.  Once signed up, add "Tolt Congregational United Church of Christ" to make a donation or pay your pledge.  You can note in the Memo portion of your payment if it is earmarked for your pledge, or for purchasing Scrip Cards, or any other specific purpose.  The Venmo name is "Tolt Congregational United Church of Christ".  The Venmo handle is "ToltCongregational-UnitedChurc"

Venmo is slightly preferred over PayPal, from the church's point of view, because PayPal takes a small cut out of your donation, and Venmo does not take a cut.  But PayPal is also available if for whatever reason you are not able to use Venmo.

Using PayPal

If you want to make a PayPal payment for your pledge, or to make a general donation, click the button below.  Or if you are using the button below for purchasing Scrip Cards, please be sure to include that information in the message with your PayPal payment.

How To Buy Scrip

If you are purchasing Scrip Cards, please be sure to include that information in the message with your Venmo or PayPal payment.  Then please also email our treasurer at finance@toltucc.org with the details.  The treasurer will release your scrip order once payment is confirmed.
What is Scrip?  It's the easiest way to raise money for Tolt's ministries by using gift cards for your purchase of everything you already buy anyway – groceries, gas, you name it!  Don’t have a Scrip Account?  Visit www.shopwithscrip.com to register.  Pick up the registration code next time you are at church, or email our treasurer at finance@toltucc.org

Keeping Track Of Your Giving

Statements for Pledged Giving and General Donations are distributed quarterly.  If you do not receive a statement, or have questions regarding your giving statement, please email our Finance Secretary via the church office at tolt@toltucc.org or our Bookkeeper at finance@toltucc.org

Annual Report 2018-2019

You can find our Annual Report for the 2018-2019 program year at this link.