Stewardship Video Presentation:

Tolt Congregational UCC Stewardship Campaign 2022


“Love in Action At Such A Time As This”

Tolt UCC is a light in the Snoqualmie Valley. 


We are kind, caring, compassionate, helpful, hard working and generous.  We embrace the example of Jesus and love all people and our planet. We promote an honest faith journey.  We are Tolt UCC!


This year our stewardship theme is “Love In Action At Such A Time As This”, taken from Esther 4: 14. With the ongoing pandemic and so many of our neighbors in need, we need the Holy Spirit to carry out God’s good work in and through our lives, so that we can become a channel through whom God’s love can flow out to others. The world is changed and lives are saved when we realize that we have been called “at such a time as this” and, through faith and generosity, take action.


Your involvement in Tolt UCC’s stewardship campaign allows our special church to grow in membership, sustain beautiful worship and music experiences, expand its reach into the community and continue to be a beacon of progressive Christian values and Love In Action in the Snoqualmie Valley.


You can bring your pledge card to the Church or send an email to This is a secure email, that is managed by the Financial Secretary only, so the confidentially of your pledge will remain intact.

Tolt Congregational UCC Mission Statement


We warmly welcome all people. We are a dynamic congregation that embraces all cultures and races. Out of joy, we are committed to deepening faith and building relationships. We are an open and affirming community guided by the teachings of Jesus to:


  • Come together as seekers who encourage our unique spiritual journeys through worship that is grounded on traditional foundations;
  • Foster fellowship, personal love, consciousness, and a deep understanding of our connection with others;
  • Educate, nurture, and guide, while providing a safe and healing environment for children, youth, and adults;
  • Share in the service and care of the greater community;
  • Embrace responsibility for nature and Earth ministry, emphasizing the worth and dignity of all life.


All persons – of every race, ethnic background, economic status, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, or personal ability – are equally affirmed and welcomed into worship, membership, leadership and employment.

2022 Stewardship Drive


Kick Off: Sunday, October 17th

Close Date: Sunday, November 14th

Goal: $125,000                 

What Sparks Us to Steward Tolt UCC?

When you give to the church, you are a spark. Our sparks are a part of God’s great love. What does the church mean to us? How can we continue to be sparks to build a burning fire of God’s Love?

Tolt UCC 2022 Stewardship Brochure (Contents of this web page, in a PDF):