Middle School & High School Youth Group

  • Tolt UCC has a dynamic, enthusiastic and engaged youth group (6th-12th grade).   
  • The youth group is involved in mission trips, camp retreats, service projects, lock-ins, and tons of other fun activities.  We are very laid back and welcoming.  Our church is open and affirming, and our youth group is a place for you to learn about God, yourself and your place in this community and world.   We don’t get very heavy, except every now and again.  What we do is try to live and be together as a group working to make a difference in our communities and ourselves.  
  • You are invited to find out more about the Tolt UCC youth group by emailing Chris Otto at:  ottodototto@gmail.com
  • Youth are invited to attend the Sunday service at Tolt UCC at 9:30 a.m. Sunday mornings.   Our youth are often involved in helping with intergenerational family and children activities after (and sometimes during) church. 

  • Some Sundays we’ll meet up as a group to check in, talk and just hang out.  Maybe we’ll head to the café to catch up and talk about what’s going on in the world.  

  • About 4 times a year the youth are involved in putting on the Sunday church service.  Tolt youth have performed dance, played music, acted, and lead worship for our congregation.   There are many ways our youth stay involved with the life of the church.

  • We have activities scheduled with other local youth groups on the second Sunday evening of each month.

  • For more information about Tolt UCC's Middle School & High School Youth Group, contact Chris Otto, ottodototto@gmail.com.  Or contact us through the church office email tolt@toltucc.org or phone 425-333-4254. ​​​​

In addition to our regular and local activities, we also have meet-ups scheduled with other local youth groups on the second Sunday evening of each month.

  • February 12th:

    Tolt youth are invited to gather with the other UCC youth  for some fellowship and conversation.  Rev. Cristina Airaghi, Pastor for Children and Youth Bellevue UCC is the host. 
    Gather  at Bellevue UCC from 5-7pm. Order pizza, cookies (the usual youth menu)---then  watch Super Bowl Commercials and discuss!  Plus, Rev. Crisitina has a great article “the Provocative Faith of Lady Gaga”—and we could also watch her half-time performance! 

  • March 12th:

    Tolt is hosting a game night.   5-7 pm, games, food, fun.

  • April 9th:

  • May 14th:

    Kirkland UCC hosting.