Men's Fellowship Group

  • The Tolt UCC Men’s Fellowship group primarily serves as a faith/social club for men of all ages.   We meet for breakfast every second Saturday of the month, September through June, at 8am.  Generally, two members will host the meal at Tolt UCC, and coordinate activities.  Or sometimes we meet at a local restaurant instead.  We take time to share updates of our lives with each other and then dive deeper into a topic chosen by the hosts.  
  • As an example, on November 14th Bob Hazelbrook and Erich Studer hosted the breakfast meeting.  The meal included homemade venison/pork sausage (via Bob) and Swiss pancakes (via Erich).  In addition to sharing an update on the latest and greatest in our lives, Bob and Greg Limmer conducted a training session on the automated external defibrillator (AED) device that we have at the Church.
  • The group averages 10 to 12 faithful attendees.  This past year we have lost three long time church members, Art Ish, Bob Amos and Bob Patterson.  Previously the fellowship often included mainly older men, but the group is very pleased to also have some of the younger men join and take the reins, including Chris Otto and Dan Studer.  All ages are certainly welcome.
  • A couple times a year the men commit to service projects, ideally.  The men find meaning in joining hands and leveraging their skills to accomplish some needed tasks.  Projects completed to date in 2016 include landscaping the courtyard between Pilgrim House and the Plymouth Hall Offices on April 21st, and completing some much needed yard work in Shirley Patterson’s yard on April 30th.
  • We have something new to do together most every month.  For more information, talk to Dan Studer.  Or contact us through the church office email or phone 425-333-4254. ​​​​