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The Tolt Congregational United Church of Christ has many opportunities for people to share their creative gifts. Artists fashion wonderfully crafted hanging banners, the Altar Guild designs beautifully decorated altars, and parishioners with graphic design skills build inspiring worship power point projections, dancers volunteer liturgical dances. As you are blessed you are given the opportunity to share the many talents you have been given and you have a safe place to discover new ones.

Music is an important and integral part of the worship experience at Tolt U.C.C. We have discovered that there is a wealth of musical talent in our extended congregation. Members have come forward to perform on organ, piano, guitar, bass, violin, flute, trumpet, cello, mandolin, ukulele, concertina, and recorders. If you have a budding talent or gift, you should think about sharing it with all of us. It’s just another  form of “Going Out On A Limb”. Who knows, you may embolden others to share as well.

The Tolt Choir is a lively, vibrant group of singers that come together once a week to practice our singing skills and learn the music we perform in worship. We have proven that if you simply enjoy singing and make it to rehearsal as often as you can, you’ll end up on Sundays standing side by side with friends performing moving and inspiring music.

The Tolt Choir meets every Thursday evening in the Church Sanctuary from 7:00 to 8:30. We start right at 7:00 with Erich Studer leading vocal warm-ups to get everybody’s vocal cords loose. We start out our music rehearsal with the anthem that we are doing next on our schedule. When we feel comfortable that we are ready to perform that anthem at worship we move on to music we will be performing in coming weeks. We try to be practicing at least 3 songs ahead. That way, by the time we perform we will have had a minimum of 3 weeks of practice with each song. 

For those who are not trained in reading notes, we send out music files that you can play at home to listen to your parts and get familiar with the music your ‘section’ sings. You can follow the lyrics below the notes and listen to the music play. As the melody goes up and down with the words, so do the music notes you see in the music. After a while you can use the notes to help you figure out where the melody is going. Many of our choir members started out listening to the people next to them a whole lot. If you listen to the choir on Sundays, you’ll see that beautiful music is made when people of many skill levels come together and practice with each other. Our choir is made up of people just like YOU!

Get Involved 

Anyone who loves to sing is welcome to join the choir. We also feature musicians and dancers performing solo or in small groups. Contact Jack Ballard, Music Director or Heidi Stauber, Accompanist, to find out how to participate.  Or call the church office at 425-333-4254, or email

Choir singing an anthem

Video of the choir singing 'Soon and Very Soon' by Andraé Crouch:

"Soon and Very Soon", by Andraé Crouch. From album "This Is Another Day", released 1995.